The Only Counterplan (Part 2)

O, since the national prestiage of Japan has not risen, it was a very old thing. Once, the Emperor’s words were listened to, and then suddenly, righteousness was realized and there were no mistakes during discussions. Truely, when it was so, it was wonderful. Is it not that we, rough retainers of the Emperor, cannot follow those august words? Still more, the condition today, when America threatens us through military might, is that the bakafu is merely frightened, being good for it’s own sake, thinking not of the nation of Japan. Still more, is it not that the samurai and townsfolk can overlooking this current situation? Consider that America has now sent a consul to Japan, freely on the streets and in the cities. Sending the consul skillfully tempts our country’s people. Also, consider the matters of constructing a church of heaven, a supplementary payment for our country’s religion, constructing a trading firm, and taxing the Japanese for the employees. Freely manipulating the country, tempting the townsfolks in this way is a completely unforgivable thing.
The foreigners are making such schemes. Consider that at this, the bakafu’s sole plan is only upholding the Treaty of Peace and Amnity. Is it not said a general grand plan is being embraced? Or else is it not merely avoiding war for the moment? Refrain from war, protect the peace. This is the consideration of the Emporer. So if there was consultation of how to solve this situation from the Bakafu and the matter of such handing it down to our Province’s public, our lords should please answer, “We must not disobey the Emporer’s decrees. We should drive away America.” This has come to an end. The bakafu probably gives forth layers of questions. In short, they say, “Of course, it would never do to not comply with the Emporer’s orders, however because previously we made a the treaty, how would it be good if we broke it?” The answer of our lords that oppose this already go without saying.

外国人はこのような計画を立てています。ところが幕府は、ただ和親条約を結ぶことだけを唯一の策と考えているのです。これでいったい雄大な構想を抱いているといえるでしょうか。それともただ戦争をさけたい一心だけなのでしょうか。戦争を慎んで和平を結ぶ、これが天皇のお考えなのです。だから幕府から事態の解決案の下間が わが藩公にくだるようなことが あれば、わが君は「天皇の命令には叛くべからず。アメリカは追い払うべし」とお答えなさって下さい。それに尽きます。幕府はかさねて質問を発するはずです。 つまり「天皇の命令はもちろん聞き入れなければならないが、しかしすでにアメリカと条約を結んでしまっているので、どのようにいってそれを破棄すればよいのか」と。これに対するわが君のお答えは、もはやいうまでもないことです。