The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.23)

Because she had thoroughly sold everything that day in the first spot she went to sell at, she was greatly happy with this horse market. Because it continued for a fairly long time, from this, again she invested this capital. The next day she went and brought and the next day she went and brought so that (her business) flourished. During this, here in Shimousa Province in a place called The Valley of Winba Gohoriman was a man called Gozaemon. This man owned one hundred horses and every year he came to this horse market. This man called Gozaemon, not yet much older than Kiyojo, saw someone that came close to this heart. Each time he came to this sushi selling place, it was different from other people. For the price of one sen he gave her two kan coins, then he gave three kan coins. Because this relationship he gradually inquired about her house and those sorts of things.
Gozaemon: “Well, I am going to be in this area again tomorrow, so it would be nice to impose on you for one night.” At first he said nonsense like that. At last, the man called Gozaemon came and played once and then he came and played a second time, because it was the matter of her being a widow, in however many days this Gozaemon and Kiyojo became a relationship that didn’t seperate.