The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.22)

They would come to buy five horses too. Or they might come to buy 14, so it flourished quite a bit. Kiyojo’s idea there was to go to that horse market and if she sold what every kinds of food stuffs or whatever she could probably sell, she thought. So she saw what little she had in the house from a kind of straw mat to the few farming tools, and she sold them all, and made a tiny bit of money. First, she made such things as what is now called aburage, and taking Omatsu’s hand, she went to the market place. At the marketplace, in a loud voice, at the place where they were selling and buying horses, Kiyojo said
Kiyojo: “Please buy one! Please buy musubi!” and because she was a young girl,
People: “Oh! come on over here! How much? Oh, That so inexpensive! Oh, this is really great, delicious sushi!” When Kiyojo came and brought they all said delicious musubi, delicious mochi, and suddenly many people bought them up.