The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p. 21)

She didn’t even have any more savings. At last, there wasn’t even any rice gruel left and in the end, as one would expect, even stout hearted Kiyojo as at her wit’s end and began to think it would be better if she went and died. But here during this time in the Province of Musashi there was the thing of a horse market. Since people would come from various other provinces especially to buy Oushuu horses, it was called the three spring months of Oushuu. Also, there were called things like the Eight Doors. It was the place that produced the best foals. Also, at Shimousa no Kogane there were people who breed many horses and it was called Mokushi. She had just thought of these horse markets around the area of Senju and Kamon Juku, but for the reason that this was very old information, since she didn’t know the circumstances of the matter, and she didn’t know anything except for this vicinity. Since the horse market was still there and called Sagami or Kadzusa Ryoumou she went and bought from the area near Koudzuke Shimotsuke. This time, she rented all of one house and the Mokushi people went and brought horses. Also, the persons who came to buy these all made suspicious-looking figures. Since coming and returning within one day would never do, they stayed in this area.