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Today’s practice was karamono.
The key points are the same as koicha, but it differs here and there subtly.
Last year I did this, but unfortunately I forgot it.

Today, because it is Tanabata, we decorated with bamboo grass. Also, the sweets were “Milky Way”.
Normally, I can’t really feel the seasons very well,
but since doing tea with such tea utensils and sweets, I can feel the seasons.
As before, “It is sure nice to do tea” is one thing I’ve thought.

Since I have forgotten a lot, the karamono temae:

[Translator: You shouldn’t read this unless you have the proper license and if despite that you read it, it really won’t make sense.]

–Cautions in the mizuya–
1. The chashaku is the motobushi chashaku.
2. completely make wet the mage no mizusashi.

–The temae–
1. When opening the tearoom’s fusuma door, about when opening always using both hands.
2. Display the mizusashi in the chaire’s shadow.
3. The first time you enter carrying the tea bowl, close the door.
4. First place the tea bowl to the left; the chaire is (placed) by the host with both hands.
5. Unknot the shifuku. This time, opposite from usual, open the shifuku’s mouth beneath and above, then left and right.
6. Purify the chaire. This time, use the formal folding of yoho sabaki (inserting the thumb). opposite as usual, wipe the chaire clockwise. When the chaire is purified, it goes in front of the mizusashi.
7. The bowl is placed by the host. Draw back the knees left, right, left and return to the mizuya.
8. Entering the room carrying the kensui, sit at the temae seat, shifting the right, then left knee forward.
9. When you have purified the chashaku, move up (the fingers) left, right, and lean it against the chaire diagonally.
10. The chasen is set right and above the kensui.
11. The chashaku is kept on the teabowl, the tea is put in the tea bowl.
If it is a heishi lid, the chaire lid is placed facing up. The tea is all scooped out.
12. After this, it is the same the koicha temae.
13. When setting out for haiken, the fukusa is folded in yoho sabaki.
14. When returning from haiken carrying the utensils, carry the chaire above the shifuku and chashaku.