The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.20)

Well, it became to the next morning and since he could no longer awake, she was at the point to go the doctors, but there were no doctors in the area. It was such a thing as that her stout-hearted father had treated himself because he was already fairly aged. He became his source. At last Shichibee, suffering in great pain for forty days, died a painful death. Becuase he had done to such a person as her, Kiyojo wasn’t inclined to feel any greif. When he was to be buried, there were no temples. Because in the days when her own father had died, they had dug and buried him near a hill in this area, this time too, she dug and buried Shichibee’s corpse in a hole at the place near where her father was buried. Particularily there were no villages and no highways. Because in the valley called Asadzigahara there were not any other members of society, not even one other person knew of this matter. For seven days and seven days, she cooked only one little bit of barley and rice and offered it to that man. After this, she couldn’t raise the single girl-child by herself and thought how she might be able to make a living.