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November 14th, Tuesday, Night class
“Sumishomou” and “Karamono”

Today, Lady Chachame was absent. Princess Orihime and Natsume did Sumishomou and Karamono, which is one of the Shikaden (temae).

Karamono is a word that contrasts with Wabutsu (tea utensils made in Japan). It is a temae about the treatment of a chaire that has a history of having come and crossed over from China. In those days, imported chaire were objects of desire, elegant items, beautifully shaped items, that tea people competed to obtain. Because it is a very important tea utensil, the chaire is held and treated carefully with both hands.

Also, we consider the balance of the chaire and match it with a high quality chawan. In the temae too, we make “no sound, no omittance”, by not making a noise at the start of inspecting the chasen and not ommitting anything. Today’s chaire was a replica of the ancestoral “Fukuage Bunrin” of the Matsudaira family.

These Kobori Enshuu and Matsudaira Fumai that were chosen are revived meibutsu. As it is said, in the midst of the showy, refined tea utensils.