From Tanko Magazine, Heisei 23, July, pg. 133

Tea Offering: Ise Jingu (Mie)

On May 10th, when the young leaves were sprouting, the iemoto Zabousai enacted the established practice of offering tea as an act of service at the sacred Ise Jingu in Ise City.
The sacred treasury of this shrine was mentioned in the Nihon Shoki. According to that, the act of Her Augustness Yamato-hime, empress of Emperor Suinin, enshrining the Great August Deity Amaterasu, who desiring a sacred ground, crossed the various lands, until at last sacred grounds were established on the banks of the clear Isuzu River was started. It was called the Tennou? Grand Shrine (Naiku), and about 480 years later, the outer shrine was erected and the Toyouke Grand Shrine was made sacred. From that, as (she is) the goddess of all of Japan, the faithful of the entire nation are assembled. Even in this modern-day, the image of ancient days is preserved and many pilgrims are welcomed (to the shrine).
This day, guided by the priest, the Oiemoto couple, Miss Makiko Sen, Mr. Kouchirou Izumi, and Mr. Reijiro Izumi first finished worshipping at the main sanctuary of the inner shrine. The opening ceremony of the tea offering began at ten in the morning in the Kagura and Entrance Halls. The various rites continued and advanced to the specially prepared location of the temae. Following an offering of the sumidemae, the Oiemoto reverently made two bowls of thick and thin tea and dedicated them to the enshrined deity.