The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.19)

“While I was thinking to kill the other fellow and steal his money, instead I was slashing at the other fellow. In the act of drawing back, I stumbled on a stone, fell and pierced my backside. In this way I received injuries in various places. Gradually getting up, I went and fled. No, I did nothing wrong at all.” Kiyojo listened to this story and was suprised.
Kiyojo, “Well, you’ve done a manly thing. Even if your hard heart is already the usual, what are you going to do even if you kill a person and take his money, as you said. Since that idea came, the retribution of God struck. However, didn’t that person come and run after your tracks?”
Shichibee, “Not at all. Because I could not endure leaving an trail and since I went and fled to this house circling in a wide detour, I didn’t support leaving any trail.” Okiyo was greatly suprised, but there was nothing to be done about that. In any case, it’s the same as my husband, she thought. Since (it is) Shichibee the Demon’s thing, it was unavoidable. She began to prepare to go shopping. Getting some medicine, she administered it to her husband, and looked after him.