The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.18)

Kiyojo, “What happened!”
Shichibee, “Really, I made a mistake.”
Matsujo, “A mistake?”
Shichibee, “Yes, as I just said. I was thinking that I wanted to give you bitch a nice dress, since you are cute. And I wanted to have delicious things to eat. From there, on this occasion myself and the same way my body is done and slackened. I say this became what? Not even a sen coin’s type of profit. Really, nothing! I was thinking that I want money, so now, I went and returned from the far riverbank, and there was the shape of a yet young merchant abruptly. If I caught that fellow and he had clothing or travelling money, I could go and place it. I stopped and sat in a place. The other man said, in the words of an Oushu accent, ‘An excellent man, what an impertinent old man!, ambushing another like a highwayman, what an elderly yet daring fellow! A man can fear to travel in however great lonesome place, but I passed by knowing a highway man and a robber was coming.’ Suddenly drawing a short sword, he came and slashed at me. What a impertinent youngster! so I, too, drew my hatchet and dealt with him.

七「イヤサ是といふのも此の阿魔が可愛いので着物の一枚も拵らへてやりてヱ、又は旨ヱ物を食はせたいと思ふ處から此の節は俺もモウ此の通り身体が緩んで終い何をなるといっても錢 儲けの種はなし、どうがなして金を欲しいものと思って居たが今向ふの川端をブラゝゝ戻って来ると未だ年若の商人体、突然其奴を捉まへて衣類か路銀があるなれば置いて行けと留?して掛った處が中々先方は剛い奴、ナニ猪小才な此の爺いが待伏をして追い剝するか年寄の癖に太ヱ、奴だ幾ら淋しい處でも夫に恐れて旅が出来るが追剝や強盗の出る事を知って通る俺だ といふ言葉が奥州訛り突然脇差を引抜いて切附けて来るか、らナンの猪小才な此の小僧がと俺も山刀を引抜いて渡り合い、