The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.17)

Although, such a thing is not really so. However, this Matsujo was a beautiful girl. Judging from among all children, beauty is realized. Of course, children change. A pretty child at the age of 6 or 7, suddenly upon becoming 13 or 14, changes into (having) an ugly face. Also, (there are children who) have an ugly face from the time they are small. Well, even the matter becoming beautiful once they’ve become bigger is surprising. Such in this thatched cottage, the daughter was almost regrettably beautiful. That being so, the couple Shichibee and Kiyojo did not become separated. Today and the days after passed by, and one day Shichibee, at the fifth hour of night, went somewhere and came back.
Shichibee, “Come on, open, open!”
Kiyojo, “Ah, welcome back. Oh no, what happened to you?”
Shichibee, “What happened?”
Kiyojo, “I say something very terrible. Isn’t your face all covered in blood? And your clothes too have become all covered in blood. What happened?” When Shichibee was so spoken to firmly, in shock (he said),
Shichibee, “Ah, really I did something excellent.”

尤ともそんなのは余なりない然るにこのまつ女は誠に美女でありまして、モウ子供の内からいたして美しいのは分かって居ります、勿論子變りといふ事があって六ツ七ツの時分に奇麗な子が十三四になってガラリと變って見苦しい顔になるのもありまして、又小さい時に見苦しい顔をして居る者も大きくなって好くなるといふのも隨分ある 斯ういふ茅屋に居ります娘には惜しきほどに美しうございます、其内七兵衛と清女の二人は別になせる事もなく 今日と過ぎ明日と經って居りましたが 或日の事七兵衛が夜の五ツ時分に何れへか参り、戻って来て