The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.16)

Yukikurete no niwa fusu tomo yado toru na
Asajigakara no Hitotsuya ni koro
(Do not lodge even if hiding in the field overtaken by darkness
in the time of Hitotsuya of Asajigahara)

says the song. All these famous historic sites as this are known in song. Therefore, because it is said the singers know these famous places without stirring, in Japan the songs are esteemed. Now, in books and such too, there are however many things produced for the source of a few 31 syllable songs. Now, if you look, the story of the witch is wholly that of Asajigahara in reality. Well, the girl gotten between Shichibee and Kiyojo was given the name Pine (Matsu). In general, in ancient times, beneath a girl’s name is given a suffix of woman (jo). Therefore of course a woman, “jo” is natural. To illustrate, We say Kiyo-jo or Matsu-jo. Now, however, a few people say “whatever-child (ko)”, that is, Bamboo-child (Take-ko), Plum-child (Ume-ko), Pine-child (Matsu-ko) etc., Truly, the personality is nicely is reputed. A poor house’s daughter who is called Thousand-Generation-Child (Chiyoko) or such is not very well named.