The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.15)

Chapter 2

Shichibee the Demon and Kiyojo truly seemed like parent and child. People identical to grandfater and child had become husband and wife. At first, Kiyojo hated Shichibee. In the end, they opened their hearts to each other, until they had even made a child. But however it might be demon, their own child seemed an adorable thing. They humbly spoke too late of Kishibojin’s story so it became understandable. And they omitted these ones because of other things. When she crawled, stood, stood and walked, there was parental affection. Even Shichibee was looking forward to this child’s growth. Thus is was and motivation, which was a little until now came and changed. For the sake of his own child, his motivation grew that if there was one bundle of firewood extra, he wanted to place and stack it up at their house. He cut a visiting-tree on the nearby hill. Also, at a certain time, he left and mowed grasses and so on at a field. He sold these sort of things. This place called Asajigahara even now is a historic spot. The customs call it the Asa grass of Hashiba. A temple called Sousenji is there. During today’s Meiji period, dwellings are built on both sides in the place in front of this Sousenji. But as yet in the time of the Shogunate, there was a place of execution. Kodzukahara is the one name it is called. In the place between that Kodzukahara’s road and Hashiba, was the historical spot of Asajigahara. When was there such a completed thing?