The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.14)

Even Shichibee, because it was his child, loved her. Kiyojo too, now that it couldn’t be helped, raised this girl. This girl it is said, afterwards became the Hag of Hitotsuya. Even from the start, this story, differs from the restored ones. Since it is an ancient tale, it’s spoken words are unattainable, those other ones create the house from close conjecture, and all become different. Also a difficult thing is that which plays out altogether the same as the ancient. Again, because it is difficult for the audience to understand, since such previous restored stories are humbly told. These close (stories) beg for good discernment. Increasingly the biographies of the hag spread from this. But from the start, the first time even is a weak amusement. From here it becames a story of help that suddenly changed.