The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.13)

Well, Kiyojo, already it’s thus. There is nothing to be done if you don’t listen what I say.” Doing this and he took out his hachet from the poor beggar’s house. If she cries out, there are no people. Already there was nothing to be done. Since it was the fundamental element of giving up and having her life, it was unavoidable. For the sake of Shichibee the Demon, who is over 70 years old, this Kiyojo body was defiled finally. Well, lust is a strange thing. She was thinking, no way, no way! It was repeated two times and three times with this grandfather. But already her body was defiled for the sake of this Shichibee, and more, this dishonour clung to this body. Also this Shichibee was possessing a considerable (amount of) money in his purse. Since the situation outside was there was noone to rely upon, at last, she lived and thought of him as her husband. And so soon over a year had passed. In this house, finally Kiyojo became pregnant. When the moon waxed, she gave birth to a girl. This Shichibee the Demon and Kiyojo were over forty years apart in age. A girl child like this done between them is a bad thing, who is famed as a demon.