The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.12)

Koyojo, “Really, this vice of old men joking, saying such an obscene thing after my father dying. Since based on the kindness you gave me, up until today you have set and rested (here), but if you are saying such sweet flirting thing, from even this moment please leave.”
Shichibee, “Really wait for a moment. No matter how much you protest noisily or even crying, this is a remote isolated house. From putting forth such, this grandfather’s heart will remain the same if you listen to what I say. If I am not listened to well, I am sorry for it, but with my waiting hatchet I will take and finish your life. I am the man called Shichibee the Demon of the mountain village of the retainers of Abe no Sadatou, who died in battle in Oushuu. The one called Shichibee the Demon is unknown to none not only in the Western country, but even as far as the Eastern Country. It was fate that you kindly gave me a night’s lodging at your house. Because I rested my legs at this house, and today is it has already been over fifty days since the time of your parent’s death, I have exhausted my kindness and here I have exhausted my thoughts.