The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.11)

Also, if such a person as I give and receive a person who is a person wanting to have a wife. I cannot sleep for worrying so much. This house I live in is only but two rooms. Only two rooms and in this boundry there aren’t even doors and shoji. Really, I have descended to only a beggar. This stupid beggar is a waste and comes from to the side of rising. Then Shichibee,
Shichibee, “Oi, O-kiyo. Don’t feel lonely.”
Kiyojo, “Mm.”
Shichibee, “No. The greif from your father’s death is understandable, and not returning from such greiving is also probably a good thing in this house. Since tonight the cold is also strong, please won’t you sleep together with me, using the night covering together? Since, I think our human energy will be able to stave the cold off.
Kiyojo, “Can a thing such as this you say–sleeping and so on in one bed with a man, even if old from aging–be done?
Shichibee, “I am already 70 years old, twice your old man, but this body is not yet inferior to a forty-five year old person, I think. Seeing such a beautiful sister as you sleeping alone is a futile thing. Please listen to what I am saying.

七「イヤ私はモウ七十を二ツ越ゑた親爺だが未だゝゝ身体は四五十の人にも劣らぬと思ふ位ゐ お前のやうな美しい阿姉を見ては一人寐をするは無駄のものだ サア私がいふ事を聞いてお呉れ