The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.10)

This man, kindly concerned, left the humble cottage, and on a hill about five or six hundred meters away dug a vast hole, in which he buried the corpse. He placed a small stone on it and marked it. Everyday, the daughter Kiyojo went there and payed her respects. Now, she was already living with no kith or kin. Becuase Shichibee had cared for her kindly, she wanted to receive his kind feelings one more day. That one more day soon became 35 days of closeness (of feelings), until forty-nine days had drawn near that Shichibee had stopped his feet at this place. Waking up, she considered how continue and worried about her future. What sort of thing might it become? My father’s family was samurai. My mother died when I was seven. After that, we came to this place and lived as if it were mountain hermit’s area. And then, the matter of my father too became like this. If I look at this, wouldn’t it be a better matter than before if I went up to the place called the capital and became employed in a person’s house in service as a kitchen maid?