The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.9)

Shichibee, “Please, grant you will buy rice or wheat with this.”
Juudaiu, “No, no, since I let you stay here out of kindness, I cannot receive such a thing, however in the manner of the first talk, my daughter selling tree branches manages but a gruel as the end resulting quality. Thus uneasily I accept without reserve this gift you troubled (yourself with),” he said. Thereupon, he went and bought rice with the aformentioned money he received. While doing this, Juudaiu, his body’s bad condition from before, on this occasion abruptly became heavy, and his body became unable to work. Additionally, a great fever rose, and while Shichibee stayed at this man’s side, he finally perished. His daughter Kiyojo continously cried her greif. There was not one person to depend on. Because there was no temple or preist in the area, She clung to her father’s corpse and greived. Shichibee was unable to be indifferent to the sight of this.
Shichibee, “It is no use greiving like that. Even though I was an unfamiliar stranger, I came to this house and was given one night’s lodging. This is fate. Already how many days and points were broken, to the extent that, doing the reckoning, it has become a rudeness. And during this, the fate of this one is profound, too. For this reason, I will go and bury him.”