The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.8)

Juudaiu, “Oh, whatever the sympathy it can’t be helped. Let’s make it even to benefit the person. I say we lend one apiece of our own beds and position. I and you can sleep together.
Kiyojo, “What! Father, such a thing you are saying, a girl and man…”
Juudaiu, “Don’t say foolish things. Even if boys and girls wash their hands together, I ask what diffidence is there with a parent and child sleeping together. Then Shichibee said,
Shichibee, “Aha… As for the girl, the said matter is a thing that is shameful. If she allows to stay at that matter, then truly, I am saved.” And that night, Shichibee stayed at the place. It became the next day, and because there was a great rain, he could not depart. Again he stayed there. The following day too, rain did not cease and for this reason, Shichibee stopped his feet here. One day, Shichibee said,
“Already for five days, I have imposed upon you. On top of this truth is a sorry thing. Even I, my body very much free from tiredness, have not (started) walking. Because of this, please won’t you kindly let me stay for just two more days? Because there is no reason in exchange for imposing this,” and from a hemp bag he took out a handful of zeni coins.

七「アハ、、、ッ女子と云ふ者はさういふ事を 羞がるもの さういう事にして泊めて下されば誠に私も助かりますと其の晩は七兵衛此の處へ泊りましたが翌る日になると大雨でございますゆゑ、出立をする事が出来ない、又泊まる其の翌日も雨が歇めぬといふやうな譯で七兵衛茲に足を留めて居りましたが或る時七兵衛