The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.7)

Kiyojo, “Oh, I see.” Shichibee, having seen her
Shichibee, “Lord of this house having deigned to come to this person…..
Juudaiu, “Ah, this is my daughter. Recently, because my body will hardly works as I will it, everyday Kiyojo is one who goes and cuts tree branches and also gathers tree leaves to sell. Well, somehow or another we two–parent and child–are managing a gruel.”
Shichibee, “Ah, is that so. That is truly an admirable thing. I beg your forgiveness. I am a native of Oushuu, For some reason thinking little, I did come to this province. Already even the day has ended, and there was no house to take lodging in and I was suffering. But it was a rudeness to beg one night in this house unexpectedly this evening. Dependent on that, looking at my face, everyone is frightened.”
“Nothing is frightful. Well, please enter this way.” Told this, he also greeted the daughter Kiyojo.
Kiyojo, “To-night, well, lodging is fine as my father did say. In this cold, there is not even anything for our honourable guest to wear in order to fall asleep.