The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.6)

Shichibee, “Truly with my gratitude, in that case, let me receive your permission.” He removed his sandals and went in. In that place was a girl.
Girl, “Father, you have come and returned.”
Juudaiu, “Ah, have I come and returned. How was it?”
Girl, “Today where ever I went, I couldn’t sell firewood. This couldn’t be done, and gradually I sold a bundle and returned.”
Juudaiu, “Oh, I see. It was a great trouble it seems. It can’t be helped. In these times, where ever you go, all the firewood has been stored by this season. People themselves gather tree branches and rake tree leaves to make firewood. Because of this, there isn’t a buyer who will take out a sen coin.”
Girl, “Really, because of that where ever I go no one will let me sell.” and the type of talk went and rose. At even this time of year, she was a woman imitating 24 or 5. At the circumstance of sight of the figure of Shichibee the demon descending a little after, the father Juudaiu
Juudaiu, “Oh, Kiyojo, don’t make such an uproar! This man being a traveller lost his way on the road, and came to this moor. Because there was no other place to lodge, he asked for lodging, so I said he can lodge (here).”