The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.5)

At this place, Shichibee has come and arrived, but gradually there was not two or three houses of human habitation for one mile in every direction. Because of the matter of a wind on the moor, even Shichibee, the as violent as expected demon, suffered. Where might lodging be, (the thought?) gradually came. From a far direction, a thin light shone, therefore he went and recoursed to that house.
Shichibee, “I humbly ask a small favour as I have arrived. Yes, yes and Juudaiu has received me.”
Juudaiu, “What is it?”
Shichibee, “My poor self is a wayfarer, but because truly I am suffering, won’t you condescend to lodge me for one night?”
Juudaiu, “Ah, lodger, your words seem to carry an Oushuu accent.”
Shichibee, “Yes.”
Juudaiu, “Because my main meal is millet gruel and boiled potatoes, I cannot even particularly do the matter of a feast. Do grant your forgiveness for my refusal. However long the road may be, even five or six miles, it is impossible for this house to lodge you.
Shichibee, “No, no. Decidedly, a thing that like causes me no anxiety. If you will condescend to permit me merely one night’s lodging, truly I will be grateful.
Juudaiu, “Well then since this is fine, do enter this way, certainly your suffering will be eased. Well, please do enter here and rest.