The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (p.4)

The Shichibee of this mountain village had exceedingly immense physical strength. He gained a reputation for wrestling well at sumo and all that other heavy work. This Shichibee, as well as such people as the previously said Kurodorihyoue had an atonishing extent of superhuman strength. That Shichibee after the ruin of Sadatou was not doing differently and the Province of Oushuu’s mountains were not heavy with robbery. Of course, people who (must) eat, will wolf down the fruit of trees or the fruit of plum-yew and drink the water that comes into the valley. He cared not at all about his clothes. During cold weather, He warmed his body by (spending) the days climbing to the peaks, it is said. That being the case, it is said people called him Shichibee the Demon. Shichibee, as the years gradually grew older, was now already seventy-one years old, but as for this valor, even the man in the rather into his prime of life, unnessisarily went and roamed about. Nearby in Asadzigahara in the Province of Musashi, there was a certain Juudaiu who was a woodcutter. He was of a previously samurai family, but now that age was distant and he had become such a person.