The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (3)

Because we must continue, speaking of these matters and judging on the tale of Early Nine Years and Later Three Years (War) is omitted. However, after Sadatou’s death, those remnants (of his family) in this age are hiding, doing a variety of evil things. Also among that, wandering around Echigo Province, there was a man called Kurodorihyoue and so on who worked at robbery. Like this, these types of people in the mountains and so on distressed the good citizens who shut themselves (in their homes), and stole the wealthy families’ fortunes by breaking in. Also, they caused all the citizens suffering by kidnapping the beautiful girls as wives. Although, as for this matter of this lot not occuring from Chugoku to Saikoku, in these old days, in general, because the Capital was the muscle of the Kyoto area, naturally this area was peaceful. Here was dwelling the retainers of Sadatou in this place of the countryside of the mountain village. There was a man who was called the Shichibee. It is said people commonly called Shichiee, but this, namely, is Shichibee. In that time, when the boy was born, there was Hyoue, the Ichibee, the Nibee, the Sanbee and the slightly strange Sachuubee, the Shichuubee and so on. It is said that in turn these men were joined together.