The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (2)

Well, there is a place in Mutsu Province’s Adachi County called Kurodzuka. Here in the place called Shigeyuki are many of those young girls. In this modern age, these things are remolded; the implied matter of demons in Adachigahara is said. Also, there is the Hag of Musashi which is mistaken with the Hag of Adachigahara. But then in the song of Doukoujukou:
Tsumitoka no tsukuru yo mo naki ishi makura
sakoso ha womoki omoi naruran

(The stone pillow, not even in this world that created the crime,
Surely, isn’t having heavy thoughts)
As for this, even now the ruins of the stone pillow of Asakusa remains. Also, this matter of the stone pillow being a treasure of Sensouji Temple and so on has been handed down orally. Originally, this story is quite an old matter. Long ago, in Oushuu, there was a man called Abe no Sadatou. This man, for the sake of Hachimantarou, perished, although in that antiquity Japan became divided into two. As for half, it was by the power of his title that it was the territory of Sadatou. However, according to imperial command, Hachimantarou subjugated this man.At the Koromo River, Sadatou died in battle.

扨陸奥國安達郡黒塚といふ處があつて、茲に重之といふが居る其の妹数多あり、是等の事を世に造り替へ、安達ヶ原に鬼が籠ったといふ事を申します、又武藏の鬼婆アといふがあるを 安達ヶ原の鬼婆アと間違いた事があります、尤とも道興神后の歌に