The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (1.5)
Told by Teigyoku Kinjousai
Written by Jirou Imamura

Chapter One
Here, the tale I have the honor of telling, The Hag of Adachigahara, is a tale of a witch which I send word of to this present world, even to children only three years old. As for this story, it is said in two ways: the Witch of Hitotsuya and also the Witch of Adachigahara in Oushuu Province.These are combined in the plots of the kyogen play. And this is possibly done in picture books and others as well. However, what might be the truth is not known. But then I humbly say that this Witch of Adachigahara is a posthumous manufactured thing from the viewpoint of the original source. Also, the Tale of Ise has a reading thing of a female demon.This point of the commonly refered to worldly exterior of a female bodhisattva, the inmost heart of the true-nature of a yaksha, is a thing that is said thus taken.


茲に講演いたしまする講談は、安達ヶ原の鬼婆アと、三才の小供まで今の世にも云い傳ふる鬼女の話しであります、此の話しに就いて両様あり、一ツ家の鬼女といひ、又奥州安達ヶ原の鬼女とも申しますが、 是を合せて、狂言にも仕組み、或いは艸双紙などにも出来て居ります、何れが眞なるか相分りませんが、尤とも安達ヶ原の鬼女といふは諡を原本として拵らへたものだと申します又伊勢物語りも女を鬼も讀める事があります、俗にいふ外面女菩薩、内心如夜叉などゝいふ處を取って斯く申したものでありませう、