The Ghost Story of Adachigahara (1)
Told by Teigyoku Kinjousai
Written by Jirou Imamura
Tokyo Art Calico (1898)


Recently, many historical dramas are in vogue. However a great variety of historical stories are told and written one after another–just because people already know all of those plots well–they don’t refrain from giving rebuking reveiws. But, they are doing (this) only in the name of common-talk. However much people (say) the truth does not match these details, as yet, this is the story of the witch of Adachigakara. Possibly it is the hag of Hitotsuya. Possibly the witch of Adachigahara.Or possibly the witch of Asadzigahara. Whatever the truth is, until this day, even us too could not find this (truth). On this occasion for the first time, Mr. Teigyoku was able to ascertain the truth according to the stories, although it is said the matter is no more than from only one evil women’s tutoring journal. When I considered that even in great antiquity, there was perhaps women skillfully deceiving men in this way too, it was an occasion to think about what sort of thing even a kind of cat-fox could be that works deeds on today’s men. It was really an interesting feeling. People fond of ancient events will certainly enjoy perusing (this book’s) style without a doubt. Therefore, here with a single word let the story begin.

今村次郎 速記


近来時代物多く行なはwaれて、種々様々の舊談を續々講談速記して書冊となれども、何れも其の筋を人の能く知れるものみにして、詰りお浚いを爲すといふに留まらず、然るに其の名ばかり人口に膾?灸しつゝありて、 未だ事實如何なるものなるやを審びらかにする者あらざるは此の安達ヶ原の鬼女の物語りなり、或ハ一ツ屋の鬼婆アといひ、 或は安達ヶ原の鬼女といひ、又或ハ浅茅ヶ原の鬼女といふ、其何れが眞なるか、予輩も又今日まで之を探り得ざりしに、此度貞玉子が講談により始めて其の事實を確かめ得たり、 事は只一の毒婦の傅記に過ぎずといへども、 大昔にも又斯る男を欺むくに巧みなる女のありつるかと思へば、今日夫を業とする猫狐の類いも何の物かはと思ふ節ありて、 いと面白く感じたり、古事を好む人は必らず一讀して味いふ所あるべし、依って茲に一言を序する事爾り