Tea Ceremony and Fortune-telling:
“Hot Water” and Creation (Part 3)
By Souchuu Sekine

The formation with fortunetelling of the eight trigrams, which observe the rules and phenomena of whole creation, is something showing the ideal condition (out of) every possible thing’s variations and expectations. These eight trigrams, because of the use of the eight trigram tray in the teaching of the Gyou-no-Gyou Daisu, is an extremely intimate matter as far as tea people are concerned.

As for fortunetelling, for the sake of advancing the sympathy of the various phenomena and rules of whole creation, we can moreover try to decipher the combination of the eight trigrams (the small-life trigrams) in lower and higher positions. Eight times eight trigrams equals sixty four trigrams (completed trigrams). Each single trigram has six yao. Multiply by sixty four trigrams, we get three hundred and eighty four individual yao terms (explanatory figures). As for the yao, yang is shown as | and yin is shown as :.

Here, let’s try and see about the trigram ☵☲, made by stacking the trigram of water (kan) ☵ and the trigram of fire (ri) ☲.

In the sixty four trigrams, positioned as the sixty third, this trigram is named the “Already Settled”. This trigram’s term is called completion. It is 「始吉終乱」 (at the beginning good fortune, at the end disorder).

In accordance with viewpoint of trigrams, let’s prepare to gaze at this trigram.

1) The outer trigram by way of fire is yang. The inner trigram by way of water is yin. The inner and outer trigrams make intercourse by way of yin-yang.

2) Becuase the yin yao : is an even number, it is called “six”. Because the yang yao | is an odd number, it is called “nine”. As for ☵☲, each yao is called by the name noted in the right column above. Because the trigram is a thing that generates from the bottom, the lowest is ranked first. This first one, a nine yao because it is a odd number, is |; yang is correct. The second, fourth, and sixth above this one, because they are yin and even numbers, are called “six”. The yao is :.

3) Each “First-9 and 6-2” “9-3 and 6-4” “9-5 and Upper-6” make intercourse between yang and yin. The yang fire opposite the above and the yin water opposite the below, yin-yang makes intercourse.

4) Yang is odd; yin is even. A yang yao has an odd number’s position and a yin yao has an even number’s position. All have a correct position.

Understanding the structure of the trigrams is extraordinarily complicated. I haven’t explained it in detail, but the trigrams and yao terms (explanations) understood from various standpoints of the intercourse of yin-yang will be done.







②陰:の爻は偶数で「六」を付けて呼び、陽|の爻は奇数で「九」を付けて呼ぶ。 ☵☲と各爻に就いて上記卦の右側に記した名称で呼ぶ。卦は下から生じる物ので、一番下が一番目の位で有り、此一番目は奇数の為、茲の爻は|で有り、陽が正しい。此れより上の二、四、六は偶数で陰で有る為「六」を付けして呼び、爻は:で有る。