Tea Ceremony and Fortune-telling:
“Hot Water” and Creation (Part 2)
By Souchuu Sekine

From here, we will try to consider about the creation of hot water, that is to say, the condition of the water for the sake of making a bowl of good tea. In the Namboroku’s Posthumous, next is such a description about the condition of the fire and water.

In a certain time, a time when there was a recess at the house and hospital tea has been said (to be delicious?), the looked for reason was the condition of the fire and water. When it has been said, this outline of the story is an extremely superb thing. In the method of medicine, use a tonic based on a literary fire or a martial fire, and also it is said a cold drink is used for a fever and a hot drink is used for a cold and so on. There is the suitability of all hot water tonics. Concerning tea during a recess, if there is not at least particularly the thing of a prepared fire, there is not a good drink of tea. It has been unconsciously felt that, truly, using a cup is undoubtedly worthy of being a panacea. Well, although there is this shallow styled reputation, the said name “chanoyu” includes this very deep truth that (you) should know and so on. Leaving this spirit increasingly aside, since just because a doctor comes and sees, starting only after the circumstances of the charcoal, it is that the spirit of ‘this time only’ is just this condition of the fire and water.

Tea making, in other words, the host’s duties (done) in order to make a good cup of tea, or the importance of the fire’s condition for the sake of the hot water’s condition is described. It is by the fire’s condition, that is the condition of the charcoal fire and the matter of the hot water’s condition, that is the condition of the host water created accordingly by seikasui and the charcoal fire. It is deeply interesting that the point is affirmed that chanoyu’s starting point is the hot water created by means of the intercourse, unity and divine response of water (or yin) and fire (or yang) and that the hot water’s condition and the starting condition of the fire from this charcoal is from the spirit of ‘this time only’. From the said point of in what way the so called chanoyu’s designation important to hot water suitable for tea is probably the origin. As a result of the creation of this completed hot water, how is fortunetelling probably connected?