Tea Ceremony and Fortune-telling:
“Spring’s Start and the Tiger” and “Well Shining Water”. (Part 4- Last)
By Souchuu Sekine

Also, the Nambouroku’s Metsugo talks about Seikasui.

“So, the heating fire’s condition is called the tiger’s fire condition. Namely this is ised not later than the morning meeting. Before Hour of the Tiger, take and clean the bottom used in the hearth center from the evening. Renew the kettle filled with Seikasui. Place one piece of charcoal (in the hearth) and hang in the water kettle.”

As for the heating fire’s condition being the tiger’s fire’s condition, it is “Seikasui drawn at the hour of the tiger”. It is in the Namboroku’s Memorandum that “Dawn” and “Bird’s calling” are indicating the Hour of the Tiger. In tea ceremony, using water drawn up from the well at the Hour of the Tiger–in short the hour from 3 AM to 5 AM when the yang spirit goes and increases–is considered crucial. With this water, which has in full a sentiment of vitality of this yang, we whisk tea. This water is called “Seikasui”.

In this way, the hot water’s condition due to the charcoal (fire) and water and drawing water at dawn, namely the Hour of the Tiger, is the “the tea room’s method (important standard)”, which a tea person should follow.

The first rule of Rikyu’s seven rules is “Make a delicious bowl of tea”. Can we probably perceive how this extremely self-evident proposition is from the standpoint of fortunetelling? For Tea Ceremony and the host, regarding making and the guest being treated to delicious tea is extremely crucial. So, even whatever set of famous utensils are had, without one cup of good tea, it has no meaning.

For this the host, practises the second rule of Rikyu’s Seven Rules “Lay the charcoal so the water boils”. First, start by performing the fire and water’s treatment at the Hour of the Tiger. By the means of this Hour of the Tiger’s fire and water’s hot water is created. From this viewpoint, concerning in tea ceremony, the said Hour of the Tiger time has an important meaning.

Well, Why is the Hour of the Tiger highly esteem not less than to that degree? The tiger, according to fortunetelling, is the said Spring. Of the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, wood is at the start. In colour, the tiger is blue or green.

The greatest yang spirit is the time of expansion, manifestation, and impact. But about the previous issue, this matter is stated as the “springtime of life”(lit. Blue-Spring). All things, all creation is in the period of generative developing and swelling of life force. This is represented by the tiger equaling the tiger symbol. “☳☰” is in the capacity of a divination sign. The overflowing vitality is exemplified by all the trigrams advancing and turning towards to yang “☰☰”. There is this yang portion; the well water is the pure spirit’s beginning, the Hour of the Tiger’s water. For Seikasui, the tea master has this reason for appointing it (to such an important post).

However, this Seikasui that contains plentiful yang spirit nevertheless the same water still to the last has yin. The intercourse, unity, and divine response of this water with yin and the fire with yang _creates_ the correct tea ceremony’s hot water. This hot water is heated up, by the correct yang.

For such a thing called hot water for tea (Chanoyu), for tea and the tea master, hot water’s creation is almost above all else the most important matter. There is in the Nambouroku Memorandum: “Prepare the water, pick up the kindling, boil the water, whisk the tea, offer to the dead, give to the people, and also drink yourself”. Such it is said the tea ceremony’s fundamental existence. We can see the fortune telling theory of Yin Yang and the five elements’s great influence.

In fortunetelling, yang is good luck and yin is bad luck. From time immemorial, tea masters in tea ceremony begin the said hot water yang’s creation by means of the fire and water’s intercourse, unity, and divine response. In many settings, yang is symbolized. Our wish for the yang which has good luck once again directs us towards spirit.








最も陽気が伸長し、顕現し、震動する時で有る。前号でも述べたように青春其の物で有り、万物万象が生成発展する生命力漲る時期で有る。其れを寅=虎の象に表し、卦としては「☳☰」(震乾)で有り、全ての爻が陽「☰☰」(乾乾)に向けて進む生気溢れる事を示して居る。 此陽分が有り、清気の初めが有る井水が、寅の刻の水で有り、井華水として茶人が重用した所以で有る。